Menu "O barradas"

The cooking style of Restaurante "O Barradas" is based on original Portuguese cuisine and recipes adapted into a more contemporary defined taste. To accomplish this natural taste we only chose the best ingredients often found in the local region such as the finest aromatic garden herbs, daily caught fresh fish from the ocean mostly taken from the area of Sagres.

It is our preference to use the finest virgin olive oil and the tenderest meat from the region of Alentejo, raised in Nature and having the benefits of eating healthy food. Your dining experience can be completed with the superb wine collection we offer. Feel free to visit our wine cellar and ask for a recommendation for your chosen dish.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our restaurant and hope that this evening is for you an unforgettable experience!



Goat cheese tarte with figs in Moscastel 6.80 €
Muxama (dried salted tuna) in mixed lettuce, vinaigrette of capers and pomegranate, cheese shavings 8.80 €


Shrimp cocktail with fresh pineapple 7.80 €


Meat (barbecued)

The below dishes are available with:
boiled potatoes / French fries / rice / potatoes of the house (fried in olive oil with garlic and onions)

Meat (stews)

Lamb, mouth watering speciality of the house (You may ask for glutenfree) 14.50 €
Pork, delicious and spicy, "house style" 12.50 €


As we only serve wild fish, and this depends on the local fisherman's daily catch, some of these may not be available, and consequently prices are set on a daily basis. Stone Bass, Golden bream, Red Bream, Sole, Bass, Sea Bass, John Dory, Tuna, etc.

** Needs to be ordered 24 hours in advance


** We need 24 hours notice and it is made for two or more persons


Vegan potato vegetable casserole with coconut milk and almonds, served with a small tomato orange salad 8.50 €

Children's Plate

House Wine

Wine take away

                                                  bottle                  box of 6 bottles

  • Rosé                                  5.00€                  30.00€
  • White                                 5.50€                  33.00€
  • Red seleção                      7.00€                  40.00€
  • Reserva                             15.00€                90.00€



Many thanks

        Andrea & Luís