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New pruning system and wine replantation

We have just finished the first part of pruning and this year we are experimenting with a new pruning system on some plants. This type of pruning allows us to have enough foliage to facilitate photosynthesis without excessive shading that could impede grape ripening or promote grape diseases. It is supposed to up the production quantity while maintaining the quality of the grapes. It´s called Guyot pruning and the results of this test will allow to us to decide if we should adopt it for the entire vineyard and for the plantation that is to come.

Pruning system we normally use

Guyot Pruning system

We also began replacing all the dead and weak plants for new ones because it was really starting to affect the quantity of grapes the vineyard was producing. The irrigation system is also being restored to make sure these new plants get a proper water supply.

New plant

Wine replantation

We have also been preparing our land for the next plantation which is going to happen very to be soon.

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